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December 15th, 2015


10 days before Christmas are you done with your Christmas shopping? Shopping can be time consuming, stressful and sometimes even dangerous, that is why more and more people are deciding to skip the cashier queues and are opting to shop online instead. Practical shoppers are also beginning to realize that they can actually save more online compared to conventional shopping because of the added expenses such as eating out, paying for gas and parking.

YiLinkers Shopping Site

YiLinker, the newest entrant to the local e-commerce industry, sets itself apart by revolutionizing the online shopping business with its unique value proposition formerchants and its affiliates.

YIlinkers Nelson Liao CEO and team

“ aims to innovate and reinvent the e-commerce industry in the Philippines by offering the most progressive products and services that will suit the changing lifestyle of its customers, facilitate a one-of-a-kind selling opportunity for our partners, and give everyone the chance to earn more income via our affiliate program,” says Nelson Liao, CEO of YiLinker Philippines. Liao said the Philippines presented a very good opportunity for YiLinker to establish its very first station because of the country’s continued growth and strong potential in the e-commerce business.

Yilinker yivo

I met this cute stuffed toy Yivo.

So what are you waiting for? Visit now! Happy shopping! ♥

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