Isla de Escapada

February 15th, 2012

Day 2. Island Hopping

Its a memorable experience for me because many things happen that day. We woke up early knowing that the tour guide will fetch us to bring us to the boat. Unfortunately they didn’t.. We are the ones who needed to go to the boat. Its low tide. It means the boat can’t come closer to the shore. 🙁

We started walking to get on the boat. We are all scared because there are alot of Sea Urchin! While I’m walking, my slippers got broken. Its strap got removed. So I walked with my bare foot. 😐 Suddenly, i stepped on something. In my mind I thought it was only crushed shell.. But its not! its SEA URCHIN!! It really hurts. :’(

*picture of Sea urchin from google


look at my face! crying :’(    Thanks Patrick Azucena for this picture! 😀

But they say All hard work pays off.. We passed through this experience and get to see Balicasag Island. *1st picture aboveIts a beautiful island where you can go snorkeling and diving. Its beach is combination of sand and shell. :>

Next stop. Virgin Island

A picture of Manong selling shells. 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t got a nice picture of it because the weather is so windy. I dont know what’s wrong with my camera that moment 🙁

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