Hair Color: Beautylabo Raspberry Pink

September 13th, 2015

Beautylabo BoxIt’s been a while since I dyed my hair and this time I’m trying a new product, Beautylabo. This product is made by Hoyu Cosmetics, the premier hair coloring trend leader, and  also a place as the leading provider of hair coloring and hair products in more than 70 countries all over the world.Beautylabo Box backat does ‘Hoyu’ means? It means ‘fellow friends’, it also represents our wish to strengthen friendships with our business partners.Beautylabo materialsThe coloring kit. Mix the cream colorant and cream developer and then shake the bottle 30 times. Change the cap into the pink cap and your ready to color your hair.Beautylabo result-2Overall I love the result! I used 2 boxes of Beautylabo in my hair.

Pros: Easy and quick to use. Long-lasting color from roots to ends with moisturizing coconut & almond oil. Its affordable each box cost 239 php

Cons: It is irritating in the scalp

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