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July 29th, 2015

Physiogel event

How sensitive is your skin?

On good skin days, we girls are naturally more confident presenting our best face to the world.  We love how our skin looks and feels. However, when we experience bad skin days with our skin feeling ‘dry, red and itchy’, they are uncomfortable and easily irritated.

Physiogel #FreeInMySkin Movement  - Physiogell

 Few weeks ago, Physiogel launched its Free In My Skin campaign. To enable women to find the right solutions to free themselves from dry and sensitive skin. About 60-70% of Filipino women affects dry and sensitive skin, and impacts on their quality of life as they are unable to fully embrace living life to the fullest.

Justin Lladoc, Skin Health Category Lead, GSK 4

“Sensitivity is a source of strength for women, not a weakness to be hidden away. This powerful consumer insight compels Physiogel to passionately advocate the #FreeInMySkin Movement in 2015. The Movement also coincides with the debut of the NEW Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy line,” reveals Justin Alejandro Lladoc, GSK Skin Health Senior Product Manager.

Question and answer portion

Physiogel aims to help women to be more aware of themselves so they can uncover their full potential. It challenges Filipinas to look past their skin insecurities in the hope of helping them fulfill dreams they have always wanted to achieve. And this journey to self discovery starts with taking the Freedom List Challenge, Physiogel’s suggested guide in the form of a lifestyle online quiz that is a representation of what women can achieve when freed from dry and sensitive skin.

The Freedom List Challenge starts with a 5-question quiz:

Which fitness activities give your skin a post-workout glow?

Your potential is limitless, so what’s your dream job?

How do you like to show off your beautiful, strong sensitive skin?

 Everybody has a dream “to do” list. What tops yours?

What is your dream holiday?

Physiogel #FreeInMySkin Movement - Patti Grandidge

Patti Grandidge, Physiogel’s Brand Advocate, TV host, model/entrepreneur, and blogger. She is one of those who suffered from dry and sensitive skin. Patty embodies the Physiogel woman: smart, elegant, strong and empowered because she is free from dry and sensitive skin.

The New Physiogel 3

The new Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy line continues to be a differentiated science-led solution featuring the unique Physiogel BioMimic Technology that works to soothe and repair the skin’s natural moisture barrier. It is highly-recommend by dermatologists because it is non-comedogenic, and is free from soap, preservatives, perfumes and colourants.

Elegant Sophisticate

 GSK is strongly encouraging Filipinas to discover their true selves by taking the New Physiogel Freedom List Challenge and join the #FreeInMySkin Movement. I took the challenge and I’m an Elegant Sophisticate. Log on to and take the Challenge yourself.

with erica

With my fellow blogger, Erika.

Physiogel photo 1

Kim, Andy and Valerie.

Now I got all the tools that I need. I am now free in my skin. =)

Physiogel is the No.1 Most-Prescribed Brand by Dermatologists. It contains advanced Physiogel Biomimic Technology® that works naturally with your skin to repair its natural skin moisture barrier keeping moisture in and irritants out. It comes in cleanser, cream & lotion formats for dry, sensitive skin. Physiogel moisturizers are free from preservatives, perfumes, and colorants.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, is committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.  For further information please visit

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