Book: Blossom Among Flowers

July 29th, 2015

Blossom over flowers

Being invisible can’t be that hard, can it?

It all started with a manga that she can’t put down.

Hikaru tells herself that it’s a harmless hobby, really. She likes being invisible, her nose buried in her manga collection while all the other girls in her high school clamored for the attention of Takeshi Hinata, the tall, brooding, golden-haired boy genius. But then her harmless hobby causes her to flunk her English exam. And now her fate is resting on the hands of Takeshi himself.

Takeshi takes his tutoring seriously, hovering over Hikaru all the time that his adoring fans start punishing Hikaru for it. Good thing Tetsuya Sakuishi, the new, handsome, young teacher is always there to save the day. It doesn’t help though that his smile distracts her too.

As if the complications of grueling exams and university applications weren’t enough, Takeshi’s haughty socialite mother, his imposing business mogul father, and a princess-in-hiding all come bearing down on Hikaru. Through it all, Takeshi is there, looking at Hikaru like she’s not invisible after all.

I’m proud of my friend Jay E. Tria. She just launched her first book! Now available in Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Oyster, KoboPage Foundry, and Scribd.

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